Catch Some Wide Eye

Make a Wish. It Only Takes a Penny.

I will be posting stories and interesting facts about Spectacle for the next 120 days.

Today we’ll start off with an interesting fact. My mother, Maria Goretti Sanchez, and my father, Freddy Sanchez, recently collaborated on a bilingual childrens’ book about Three Kings Day/ El Dia de los Reyes, a holiday which marks the twelfth day of Christmas. My father, an elementary art teacher, illustrated each scene by hand. My mother jotted down the plot while waiting in the parking lot for my brother to finish classes. I quickly translated her copy into English and then attempted to recreate her Spanish. My computer did not believe Spanish was a language, and many errors were made. My father went through and meticulously corrected the manuscript which will be available for sale soon, at a discounted price. The error-riddled version is still up for sale for any Spanish readers who wish to purchase, read, point and laugh.

Humor is the spice of life. We have it in abundance, so come support our work. From my family to yours!


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