Catch Some Wide Eye

All talk?

Today’s Spectacle story comes straight out of the mouth of Eric Staggs.

All talk?

Sit down. Get some coffee and sit down. This is going to be one of those serious and uncomfortable heart-to-heart talks. It’ll be better than when your folks told you about the birds and bees, but only a little.

I’m asking you if you’re all talk. When I say, “Down with corporate control of the world! Free the media! Give artists a break!” you all nod your heads, some of you can even be bothered to click “like.” Thanks.

Right now, however, I’m doing something about it. Together with a dedicated group of individuals, writers and artists all, I founded a small publishing company. We’ve all thrown our blood and sweat, cash and corpses into this thing, in an attempt to change the way publishing works. We publish fiction.

When I talked to many of you about this endeavor, you all said, “Wow, that’s great!”
You’re right. It is great. It’s a chance for my partners and myself to build something greater than ourselves, to start a business from the ground up, to use our talents to actualize our best destinies. It’s a chance to break the chains of corporate slavery – to live the American Dream. It’s a chance to be able to work from home, in our pajamas.

It’s risky. We’ve hired (and fired) a felon (funny story, total accident), been attacked for racism (imagined), been slandered, judged, poked, prodded and worst of all… ignored.

But, seven months into it, we’re still going strong. We’ve held the course and stayed true to our goal – we are NOT like other publishers – we give the lion’s share of our profits to our writers… not vice versa. We edit and consult. We read everything, give personalized rejections. We run workshops with our writers on weekends. We provide art and marketing support. We’ve published more than four books, including a children’s book and we’ve got two full-length novels for release in the first quarter of 2012. We ARE doing everything we promised.

Spectacle Publishing Media Group is not all talk. It’s a real company, with real employees and real products.

So here’s the thing – we’re raising funds through IndieGoGo.

Toss us some coin. Spare a penny. Give some alms. Drop ten sovereigns on the table and stalk out like Han Solo (who shot first).

What do we do with this money?

Maintenance (web, software, services, etc.)
Market Authors and Books (swag, gadgets, contests, awards)
Print Books (we love eBooks, but paper makes us Sexy)

And that’s it. SPMG partners do not get paid (other than the smug and overwhelming satisfaction of doing something no one else is doing).

If you can’t donate – and believe me, we’re all over-educated, under-employed artists with debts that would stagger you, so we get it – if you can’t donate – please share the link. Post on your Facebook page. Put your Free Will and Good Intentions where your mouth is and help us spread the word. Prove you’re not all talk.

For more information about Spectacle Publishing Media Group, LLC visit our website., follow us on Twitter: @SpectaclePMG or email: If you’re a writer send us a damn submission already.


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