Catch Some Wide Eye


i am the clear-cut armistice
between reason and volition
who have raised war over my head for centuries
before i was envisioned
screw you and your marriage addiction
a mindless predilection
to be locked and bound
without a sound revolution
tiger eye sparks not in your face
as, eaten and eating you take your place
in a marriage nation
lacking all education
you find yourself in quite a dire situation
that only a mind and a half could solve
but you have only one mind of resolve
you share one brain and, oh, but alas
the one you share cannot process quite fast
for you’ve indulged in media
til your belly’s quite thick
with lies as facts and lies that stick
Oh, look at the waste of you,
the goddamned hours chasing you
trying to break through the core the media wrapped ’round you
’cause it sees in ya
the power juice
of creepin up
behind them, loose
hanging low and dropped
head heavy, hanging low
catch them when they think they safe
catch them when they procreate
speak they language
turn they down
nobody understands a babbling mouth
but an army recruited from the finest of house
the house of the brainwashed babble mouth
i become MLA formatted papers
cut, tied, bound to the letter.
sold, perhaps but never any better.
what will you become if it stays this way forever?


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One thought on “Madness

  1. “screw you and your marriage addiction”
    this and many others…
    you are on a roll huh?

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