Catch Some Wide Eye

Commanded and Reprimanded

don’t let me tell you
what this is or isn’t
what i am or am not
what you are or are not
use your own brain
to fricken figure out
tease and torture it out
just like the rest of us
pulling facts out of catalogs
from years of schoolwork
pens and pencils in hand
doodles spewing out of paragraphs
teacher voices distant
between lovers and lockers
and recess bells
somehow through the pains
and the growing you came along
to the fields of the knowing
and a fact or two stuck
on your
bristly fur
as you ran, buck wild
through this wandering world
and you kept them for pleasure
you kept them for pain
you used these facts as daily
as parts of your brain
some of them necessary
some of them insane
but you order them however you like
and you consult the rules
living in your you-made brain
and see if it does or does not contain
a hint of a letter, a note of refrain
that captures the essence of this ‘writing’
and what of the laws of this poetry
this rhyming
is there a rhythm or beat at all?
am i just scribbling words on a wall?
wake up, shake up, climb the tree and snake up
to the fruit of the knowledge
neither good nor bad
mix in your memories, the life that you’ve had
perception, cognition all part of the game
that run rampant circles at home in your brain
the whizz and whirr and creak and buzz
then tell me what all this was.
is this game called poetry
or something i sputter spontaneously?


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One thought on “Commanded and Reprimanded

  1. Sublime rant, beat without swearing. Love it!


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