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How to Be the Perfect Valentine

Do not buy me those sweet, sweet chocolates

ripped from the labors of a slave child in the Côte d’Ivoire

and pretend that this is a sign of true love.

This can only be a sign of ignorance, neglect and hate.

Do not buy me those red, red flowers

plucked from the earth at their very prime

destined to die a slow, labored death.

Do not pretend that this is love.

Do not buy me shiny, glittering cards

printed on the husks of dead trees

with inks made in factories that stain the world’s lungs.

This, this, no.

This cannot be love.

Bring me your two hands

and the taste of your words plucked fresh from your lips.

Bring me to the stars and the sand and the moon.

Bring me to the edge of the ocean.

Bring me these things because they are love

and they are loved by everyone and anyone the same.

And when we all look up,

slave, free

young, old

distant, near,

we see the same magic in the same expansive sky

and together our love can conquer a season

and herald a new monsoon

in the drought of the living.


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6 thoughts on “How to Be the Perfect Valentine

  1. Wonderful words…

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