Catch Some Wide Eye

Dig Me Up

and when you had looked up from your labors
you saw that you were half dead
and half a mile from the nearest shovel
to start digging your own grave
so you knelt in the dirt and you sighed
and you prayed that you might yet
have half a day to shovel
in the hardened, red-tough clay
before the good master come take your life away

so the good master conceded
otherwise he wouldn’t be good
and your face surrounded by family
in this dark and lonely wood
seem at peace on that foot journey
the hard long drive deep down
towards the instrument of your labors
that dank and stony ground.

the earth, it pushes against your feet
the air squeezes you out
and bones, bones trembles ache, palms bleed
but it don’t mean nothing now.
you’re a dig, dig, digging a space in earth
alone enough for one
you dig until your eyes go blind
and breathing days are done.

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One thought on “Dig Me Up

  1. Picks up a blues rhythm part way through the first stanza. I can almost hear a melody to it.

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