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Behind the times…

If you were on the internet for any length of time yesterday, chances are you saw something that looked a bit like this:

Then you probably saw that it’s about thirty minutes long, convinced yourself it was some kind of scam and went to watch pictures of kittens or puppies. And while you were watching those well-fed puppies and kittens, some eight year old in Uganda was not only hungry because it wasn’t her turn to eat today, but she was kidnapped, brutally raped and turned into a sex slave. Other children, right now, are being stolen and forced to become soldiers and shoot their own parents and mutilate their own friends- or die. This happens EVERY day.

I’ve supported Invisible Children for about three years. They don’t send money to corrupt governments or pocket any of it for profit. They build schools. They save children. They spread awareness. They change the world for the better. They save lives.

There is a psychopath out there right now on the loose who has enslaved over 30,000 children for the past twenty years for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON. This is Attila the Hun. This is Hitler. This is Joseph Kony. If you don’t know who he is, you should. Why? Because he could be anywhere right now. Anywhere.

Don’t let your grandkids look back on your generation as the one that let Joseph Kony kill tens of thousands of people. Make our generation the one that put an end to senseless brutality. Join the movement.


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3 thoughts on “Behind the times…

  1. free penny press on said:

    I learned as a young woman that our purpose for being was truth teaching and caring about our global brothers & sisters.. I too support IC as well as Amnesty Int’l .. If we as the adults don’t take the lead, who will follow?

  2. I heard about this Joseph Kony just this morning from a student who is collecting money to stop him. She is a sixth grader and very upset about this situation. As we all should be.

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