Catch Some Wide Eye

A User Manual for Armageddon [Part V]

She bolts through two sets of double doors and finds a third firmly locked. Adrenaline coursing through her body, her eyes flit to the left and right looking for a way to disengage the lock. On the right is a small black box with a blinking red light. She frantically waves the ID badge in front of it, and the blinking light turns green. The doors swing open and she rushes into a wide expanse. The outdoors. One would think a breath of freedom would smell sweeter than the foul stench that invades her lungs. She pulls her hood around the side of her face and covers her nose. So many months of purified air have made her lungs susceptible to the merest toxins. Even the light is a strain on her eyes.

No time to think. Keep moving.

Already she can hear the clicking of boots on harsh earth about ten yards behind her. Still running, she pulls the bullet proof vest over her head and slips it on just in time.  A bullet thuds her in the back, and the force of it nearly knocks her out. It was at least a .45 bullet. She pushes herself onward, dodging and weaving like a wild animal, taking in the terrain. There is nothing but flat, unforgiving desert. Her lungs start to burn from the acidic air, but she needs to keep going. She has them properly distracted for the time being and guessing by her internal clock, it will only be a few more seconds before their world is forever changed.


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3 thoughts on “A User Manual for Armageddon [Part V]

  1. Quite like the title you picked for the series…I’m honored that you liked it.

  2. Alethea Eason on said:

    You pack a lot in in just a bit of writing. I want to know the before and the after.

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