Catch Some Wide Eye

daytime, nighttime. visions.

perhaps there were
as it were. the doctors
called them links or
lapses in the structure of
my. reality-
but i’d like to think that
these hallucinogenic ghosts

of my own private wonderland
were a step below imagination
and a notch above serene


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2 thoughts on “daytime, nighttime. visions.

  1. Alethea Eason on said:

    I’m hoping my school district doesn’t block this because I really really want to show this video to my students, Ditrie. We’re “windng” down for the end of the school year and doing a LOT of art, and the message that creativity lives within them is one i want them to leave for the summer with.

    • Be wary; many of my students found this frightening/disturbing. Then they all grew to love it. It’s definitely an interesting piece. If your school blocks the blog, it’s called “Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared” on Youtube.

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