Catch Some Wide Eye


Book cover by Greg Greeson of Spectacle Publishing Media Group.

You’re creative.

You write.

You want to win $100.

Spectacle Publishing is now looking for the best zombie/cannibal short story. Deadline for entries is Sunday, July 15th. May the deadliest writer win!

-Entries should be attached as a word document.
-Stories must be 2500-5000 words
-Stories must be ORIGINAL and UNPUBLISHED
-Send entries to


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  1. So, what is Spectacle Publishing? Any way of submitting work later in the summer?

    • Spectacle Publishing Media Group, LLC, is a company I cofounded about a year ago with the express purpose of opening the publishing world to new and older talents that had been pushed aside and blocked entry to the large, stodgy publishing houses.

      We analyze queries from start to finish in house, editors work with authors on making the most salable version of their manuscript possible while our graphics team creates a book cover that denotes the character of the work, and finally marketers craft a plan alongside authors as to how best to market this book. There is no charge for this, nor has there ever been. Authors are paid a percentage of profits as well as their royalties, with the exceptions of short story contests like these, where the payment is expressly listed in my post. For more information about the company, you can visit our ever evolving website:

      You can also look at some of the books we have published over the past year such as “Heron’s Path”, “Space Whales and Other Nonsense” , “The Sum of His Parts” . “Poetry for Engineers or Engineering for Poets” , “Disturbing” , “On the Brink” [volumes I and II] , “The Empty Box” and “Poetry as Told by Robots”

      This particular contest has a deadline which has been EXTENDED to July 22nd. However, there is always an open call for submissions on the submissions page of our website, so do, please, pop by and have a look.


      • Thank you for all the information. I’ve been running around the site. Looks amazing. I think I’ll have a story for the contest ending on the 22nd. Back to work.

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