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Silence Does Not Prove Absence


Bouncing around on topics today because it’s the only way things seem to come out these days. After playing The Secret World for a couple of days, I can firmly say there is a lot about the game I dislike. The first main world is plagued with zombies even though the game is billed as a secret, mystery espionage type game, almost in the vein of Assasin’s Creed. Players can choose between Templars, Illuminati and Dragons. I’m a dragon, being fond of elemental magic, of which there is no lack. However, the quests are little more than razing down zombies and looking up answers on the internet [well for me, at least]. After playing at least several dozen missions, there is only one that involved some delicate sneaking-around. The harder quests are just about impossible to play without someone else, or an amazing combo of gear which, by the way, have to be made from scraps dropped from mobs. Farming for the win?


Now for one of my favorite games: Minecraft. After months of searching, I landed upon this goldmine of a server. The players are courteous and family-friendly or they are kicked. It’s a brilliant substitute for the overly mean and immature world that MMORPGs can sometimes become. As a mod now, I also have the ability to fly, use creative and god mode. All these things come in handy when renovating, maintaining and expanding my city, Silvania. All in all, a huge A plus plus.


What can I say about this game? It’s amazing, the worlds are gorgeous, the characters are engaging. This is how an MMO should be. The most lovely landscapes, in my opinion, are in the Sylvari territory.

In other news, I’ve been watching my boyfriend play Hitman, Halo 4, Assasin’s Creed 3 and Borderlands 2. All wins.

And in books?

I read “The Racketeer” by John Grisham. Very interesting plot and definitely worth the read.

Also, “77 Shadow Street” by Dean Koontz was surprisingly difficult for me to get into. The time spent with each character was too short and the cast too large to keep track of. However, once you make it to the end, it is quite satisfying.

In other news, my brother released his first book, a collection of music history essays. Be sure to check it out!



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