Catch Some Wide Eye

For Battle, We Must

i can only think

ya can’t picture

in yo head

what i picture

when the same words

roll a long way

travelin so hard ‘n

just out they survivin coz

lectricty wunt made to be there

it don’t need us

the greed’s us

it sees us just ta

seize us

and what am i one-pound-brown-snow-flake

gonna do about it?

sit around an screw aroun it?

cus Jesus, it’s over

dey is no recover

when you try to set it straight

this is what it say

but we done this ten thousand times

long more n you have been alive

my momma and my poppa told me it was true

nobody with a brown even has a clue

they mexicans, the blackstreet ants,

they the reason people opened up ku klux klan

they always steal, rape, rob and kill

brown and twisted like the coacroach.

hear they crunch under yo feet.

This is what they say to me with words so loud

the sleep

and when those words have tagged me down

and, in my pure exhaustion’ it try to escape

those words that sear through flesh and bones

lay in wait among my night time beasts

and drones and it drones and it drones


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