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Bobbing for Apples, Got a Plumb


On a scale from 1 to addicting, Sims 3 can get pretty up there. And once you discover the wonderful, wonderful cheats that get rid of your character’s pesky dependence on things like food and sleep, anything is possible.* In a Sim-blurred week-long haze I somehow managed to get my toon leveled up in every skill area while not forgetting to feed myself every once in a while. Truly, the line between player and Sim can become fuzzy in this brilliantly designed, all-encompassing game. And yes, I have finally come up for some air.

*CTRL+SHIFT+C opens the command prompt. Type “testingcheatsenabled true” [without the quotes, of course] Then hold SHIFT while right-clicking the mailbox. Select “Set needs as static.” BAM! A robotic Sim willing to do your bidding.


Masterful, engaging, well-written, cleverly designed. The way the world literally builds itself around the path you choose to walk is such an intriguing metaphor for the hazardous environment this child calls home. Challenging, but not insufferable, it is refreshing to have your actions narrated in real time. The voice actor’s voice is soothing, gritty, twanging and adds a dimension of almost fatherliness.


The writing style is adequate and John Case [a pseudonym, for those who were wondering] definitely has the qualified background to insert minute details that make this world concrete and believable. However, “The Genesis Code” does little in the way of plot. Quite early into reading the book, I deduced what the entire plot would be, twist included, and spent the rest of the book wading through the pages until my predictions came true. Not a bad book, but not exactly a “book of suspense” as the cover of my copy so brazenly advertised. And no, I have never seen the movie.



Robert Charles Wilson is nothing short of an inspiring, exemplary author. The detailed research he underwent in order to build the world of this series is phenomenal, the prose is faultless and the characters are relatable and complex. The fiction he builds creates a perfect suspension of disbelief and resonates with the beauty of a thousand stars. If you have not read either of these books, you absolutely must.


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