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Still Writing Our History


When it comes to video games, especially of the computer variety, there is little out there that surpasses Minecraft in its ability to fulfill various gaming aesthetics. It is a malleable format that can convert from PvP to Sandbox to Survival and back again depending on where and how you play.

There is one HUGE problem with the game.

Picking a server.

There are pages of links to sites that have pages of links to servers that you then have to log into. When I first hit this stumbling block in my desire to play with a community, I was accosted with words like vanilla and whitelisted, hunger games, parkour and then I pretty much just quit reading what anybody had to say about their site. I’d click a link, try to play, get killed, quit. Then I’d click another link, try to play, get bored, then quit. You get the picture. For me, finding a suitable server was a process of trial and error.

The server I now call home is Pirates Cove [], and I can’t say enough complimentary things about the people who build, maintain, plan, expand, and organize everything there. For those who love story-driven games, we each enter Pirates Cove as a slave and then work our way up the ranks by following various quest lines. That, alone, makes the entire area seem like an MMORPG- a genre I LOVE.

However, in the course of the existence of Pirates Cove, I’ve watched several farm towns and bits of land rise into Kingdoms. I have also seen Kingdoms fall. And these are my kingdoms, they’re your kingdoms, they’re the kingdoms we create together. There is a certain politics that has begun to emerge in the relationship between a mayor and his/her care for the residents. Likewise, we are starting to see an evolution on how towns interact with each other. One of the hottest points of contention in Pirates Cove at the moment is the superiority of the City of Isle de Royal or the City of Bayou Blues. Several players have taken a fierce stand on both sides of the debate, and it is interesting to watch the politics of our creations acted out in real time.

Now my city, Silvania, is completely neutral so we will not go to war, should this come to that. However, as a means of bridging a treaty between these two nations, would you like to help me choose the superior city?


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One thought on “Still Writing Our History

  1. A nice post, thank you from a fellow gaming lover.

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