Catch Some Wide Eye

Anti-Valentine’s Day Poem

my seal has been punched open
i am forever broken
don’t buy this cap of lead
spread honey in my bed
toss my body in the woods
i am but broken goods


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4 thoughts on “Anti-Valentine’s Day Poem

  1. Not to a man who would love you for you! My wife was abused by an older half brother, yet I married her. A college friend was definitely not a virgin when she married—don’t know how much her husband knows (not my business). Maybe it is time to compare notes with the current post of “ladyornot”! :0)

  2. True words, my friend. Luckily for me, this poem isn’t based on my actual emotions- but I hope anyone out there who may be feeling this way follows your advice! 🙂

  3. I hope so! I appreciate—as they do, I’m sure—someone willing to walk in their shoes. 🙂

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