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Insomnia Hour

What if humans originally lived on another dying planet and had advanced their technology to the point where they could locate other inhabitable planets to colonize, but all the original knowledge was wiped out over time through disasters on Earth?

Is it possible for a fish to drown?

If you go from 1 to infinity you have an infinite amount of numbers. If you go from 10 to infinity, you also have an infinite amount of numbers, even though there should be 9 less numbers. So there’s an infinite number of infinities, none of which are equal to each other.

Time goes infinitely forwards and backwards.

Light weighs more than shadow. So how is weight related to mass, gravity and push?

What if when you broke an atom down to its tiniest level, you ended up at the outermost part of the universe?

Since you can halve distances infinitely, you should never really be able to reach a destination or touch anything. 

Numbers aren’t so much points as they are markers of the space relative to other numbers.

Imaginary numbers are cooler than imaginary friends.

If death is a process and not an instantaneous event, and there is a short amount of consciousness after a mortal event, does that mean that the near-death and back-from-the-dead experiences people relate to us are merely dreams? 

If it takes at least 10,000 hours to master anything, then I am a master dreamer.

What if there was an entire set of creatures co-existing with us that had a life span and reactive ability so quick that they outpace the speed of light exponentially, and we have absolutely no way of perceiving that they even exist?

If we connected all of humanity’s neurons together in a safe and healthy way, would we be the same person sharing a multitude of thoughts? Would the mentally unstable and the geniuses even out the massive input and make a single, perceivable consciousness?

Why can’t I sleep?


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8 thoughts on “Insomnia Hour

  1. With thoughts like these…how could you sleep.

  2. Intriguing questions. Thank you, Eric 🙂

  3. I read the Bible and get a cup of milk…sometimes starch helps…or I get up and write. Check out my “LATE NIGHT SWIM” for one such item written and posted, plus another draft of what became “SLEIGHT OF HAND”. A warm bath helps (no, I won’t help 🙂 !).

  4. You forgot one….If any particle or object was come to an absolute stop in relation to the universe that particle would be in all places in all times. So are we simply living in the field of a stopped particle. Is the idea of god simply an atom that has for one reason or another ceased motion and would therefore be perceived by we who are in constant motion as moving incomprehensibly fast and thus everywhere all the time? I’ve got more 🙂

      • When the sound of light resonates through different natural and man-made structures do the vibrations determine the closeness that one person feels to another? Do the inaudible overtones of light harmonize with the man-made inaudible frequencies to create aural landscapes that determine every aspect of our day-to day feelings? Perhaps large structures such as cathedrals, domed stadiums and the like have their shape because of the tendency of those shapes to conduct or defract the overtones that determine behavior.

        Glad your amused. Most people just get pissed at me if I go off on some tangent like that.

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