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Smelly Situation

Sometimes people like to sniff things. Markers, glue, socks. I’m constantly pulling sharpies and highlighters away from the olfactories of my overly eager teenage pupils, but what I saw today just takes the cake topper. A kid walked up to my board, took my roll of toilet paper [cheaper than buying tissue boxes for all those runny noses], sniffed the roll, then put it back down. 

Me: Did you just sniff my toilet paper?

Kid: [looking dazed and a little sheepish] Yes?

Me: [without batting an eye] Did it smell good?

Kid: [furrows brow] No? It didn’t smell like anything. 

Another kid chimes in: Well, it’d be weird if your toilet paper smelled like something.

Kid 1 nods head vigorously in agreement.

Me: What if they DID sell scented toilet paper? NO! Toilet paper with lotion in it!

*Children begin to back away slowly in fear*


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3 thoughts on “Smelly Situation

  1. What did he expect it to smell like? 😉

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