Catch Some Wide Eye

You know you want to play…

This time I’ll just give you the puzzles. You can guess in the comments or go to #MovieTitleSpin on Twitter to find the answers.

  1. A thrilling tale of Hollywood darlings entangled in a bitter dispute.
  2. Peter is convinced he will never find love until his cooking catches the eye of a five star chef.
  3. A dark comedy following the lives of three teenage girls who dream of becoming runway models.
  4. After serving two tours in Iraq, Sgt. Tucker find peace and balance in a Buddhist monastery.
  5. An engineer in Berlin develops a revolutionary clock that can be worn on the wrist.
  6. When Noah finds a stowaway on the ark, will he follow God’s will or let the stranger survive?
  7. A family-friendly animated film following a little robin’s brave attempt at leaving the nest.


Some of you may come up with totally different real movie titles for these fake pitches than I did, so hit me with your best shot!

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