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British Slave Labor Winds Up in Miami

A Banksy piece entitled “Slave Labor” which appeared on the side of a building in a London neighborhood and, just as mysteriously, disappeared along with a large chunk of the wall has been located at an auction house in Miami, Flordia. London residents are up in arms, claiming that the piece belongs to them and alleging that it was taken illegally. Banksy did not respond. The auction house contends that it did due dilligence and decided the piece was not acquired illegally.

Let’s step back for a moment.

Banksy says nothing. The piece was not acquired illegally. A few days later, Banksy responds to the neighborhood by painting a new piece near the chunk of missing wall that says, “Danger, Thieves.” What these Londoners are not seeing is the genius behind Banksy’s latest scheme.

You see, it is highly likely that he sold the piece, himself. This perspective on the situation lends a whole different interpretation to the events which have transpired over the past few weeks. To me, this solution seems so obvious that I can’t understand how it hasn’t occured to the residents of that particular neighborhood in London. Besides, they never “owned” slave labor. The very fact that they want to claim ownership of a piece with that name is not only beautifully ironic, but the fact that it will be Americans selling the British Slave Labor is hauntingly genius.

Banksy, thank you for being a brilliant master mind. I hope in your old age, you will pass the name, technique and overall mystique to a successor. I believe there is nothing this world needs more than a Banksy who never dies.


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