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Top Ten Things NEVER To Do At A Piano Audition That I Still See Every Year

1.) Walk in without your music. Don’t expect me to have your music memorized for you.

2.) Look at your feet, look at the pedals, look at your feet, then ask the judge which pedal to use. Go back to piano 101 and come back to me when you’re ready.

3.) Come in wearing muddy jeans and cowboy boots. What is this, a rodeo?

4.) Tell the judge that you don’t know how to sight-read, even though it’s been listed on the audition sheet for the past six months. If you can’t read, then I won’t waste my time with you.

5.) Ask to start a piece over when you mess up. Why would I want to sit through that again??

6.) Talk to yourself, make strange noises or stick out your tongue during the audition. Do I really have to explain this one?

7.) Play an entire piece in the wrong key or ignore the key signature altogether. *rubs temples* It’s there for a reason. Anything else is simply excruciating to listen to.

8.) Ask to play the sight-reading or scales hands separately. This screams, ‘I have poor reading and coordination abilities.’ If that’s the case, go home. I came in on a Saturday morning with no pay for this. 

9.) Play in the wrong octave. Every note has its place. I won’t call you Sam if your name is Brian, so don’t play a treble G if it’s quite clearly a bass G!

10.) Bring in music that has letter names written by any note whatsoever. This tells me you can’t read. Don’t waste my time if you can’t read.


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2 thoughts on “Top Ten Things NEVER To Do At A Piano Audition That I Still See Every Year

  1. This is really funny… as a pianist, I would never dream of doing any of those things, but you’re right…. we still see these practices commonly! 🙂

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