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Free Art to a Good Home

I’ve embarked upon a new project. 

What I Do:

  • Create a doodle/drawing on copy paper with pens, paint markers and/or other materials
  • Write a positive/inspiring word or phrase
  • Fold the drawing inside another sheet of paper marked “Free Art to a Good Home”
  • Go to the White Pages and search for a random last name in a random state
  • Look through the list of people and pick a random person
  • Mail the artwork to the person at the address listed in the phone-book

Why I’m Doing This:

  • People don’t get enough positive messages each day
  • The excitement of getting personalized mail is dying, but it’s worth passing on to the next generation
  • I need to do more good deeds
  • The project may spread art to people who don’t ordinarily think about the discipline
  • It’s a very cathartic process
  • I have lots of extra stamps 
  • I want to support the postal service

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6 thoughts on “Free Art to a Good Home

  1. I really like this idea, it sounds like fun and it could brighten some random person’s day. I’d be interested in reading about your experiences doing it, especially if you receive any responses. Do you mind if I try it and possibly blog about my own experience? I’ll give you credit for the idea.

  2. Hello Ditrie,

    If you recall, you wrote a flash fiction as a Comment to my blog post, WOLF >

    I plan to incorporate that in my Flash Fiction Gallery Post next week Tuesday, 5th March – of course giving due copyright credit to you and linking back to your Blog.

    Hope this is okay – please confirm.

    Thank you, Eric 🙂

  3. Leave it to a teaching associate to think of something like this! GOOD JOB!!!

  4. A random, noble project, Ditrie…but it is your rationale for it, that is the
    winning thought…the prize a grand laugh; and I thank you for that.


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