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Sequester Me

Stayed at work from 7:40 am until 9:40 pm with a fifteen minute dinner break. The concert last night went off better than expected. The superintendent was there and didn’t even pretend I existed but exchanged congratulatory words with my coworker.

When planning the seating, three seats were saved for my coworkers who were playing a trio together, and I had to sit in the back behind the kids even though I was playing a piece, as well.

My coworker left before cleaning was done, and I arrived at work at 6:40 am today to make sure the piano was picked up safely.

I’m cradling a 2 liter bottle of Dr. Pepper and desperately waiting for the caffeine to kick in.

My coworker told me to bring my class of twenty something hyperactive freshmen down to pick up the food from last night’s reception, of which they would not be able to partake. They responded by briskly breaking one of the glass jar lids a parent had graciously let us borrow.

Today marks the beginning of the sequester.

Tiny injustices. Real pain.


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One thought on “Sequester Me

  1. We feel for you, Gunga Din. 🙂

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