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stretched like skin over a drum
dead by default
live by bashing

the way you shrink down a little
at the sound of your own voice
a noise too naked
to be of your own making



this thing in my heart
i’d forgotten
it’s real


slices of soul
dripping with succulent nectar
as the juices of my heart
dribble down your chin


Promise Ring
It took me longer than most my peers, and I had to suffer through many years of heartbreak. Looking back at it, though, my best friend got proposed to in a parking lot. This, here, is just my promise ring. There really is truth to the phrase, “Good things come to those who wait.”


i hide a part
inside of me
an ember
i whisper.
my love falls
into its glow
and flickers to life

Behind the times…

If you were on the internet for any length of time yesterday, chances are you saw something that looked a bit like this:

Then you probably saw that it’s about thirty minutes long, convinced yourself it was some kind of scam and went to watch pictures of kittens or puppies. And while you were watching those well-fed puppies and kittens, some eight year old in Uganda was not only hungry because it wasn’t her turn to eat today, but she was kidnapped, brutally raped and turned into a sex slave. Other children, right now, are being stolen and forced to become soldiers and shoot their own parents and mutilate their own friends- or die. This happens EVERY day.

I’ve supported Invisible Children for about three years. They don’t send money to corrupt governments or pocket any of it for profit. They build schools. They save children. They spread awareness. They change the world for the better. They save lives.

There is a psychopath out there right now on the loose who has enslaved over 30,000 children for the past twenty years for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON. This is Attila the Hun. This is Hitler. This is Joseph Kony. If you don’t know who he is, you should. Why? Because he could be anywhere right now. Anywhere.

Don’t let your grandkids look back on your generation as the one that let Joseph Kony kill tens of thousands of people. Make our generation the one that put an end to senseless brutality. Join the movement.

Watashi Wa Americajin

Last year, I worked tirelessly with dozens of students at my school to create a thousand paper cranes to raise funds. The money we earned from selling the cranes went directly to relief efforts after the massive tsunami and earthquake in Japan.

Not even a year later, things are still not ‘back to normal’ for the countless faces that got caught in the disaster. Several artists, writers, musicians and poets came together to create this video to remind the world of how much we seem to forget.

My special poet friend Gwylym Owen played a major role in putting this all together. Also, artwork by Leslie Moon is included, so be sure to check it out!

Here is the Key

doors so long shut
i’d forgotten they could open

Give Me Your Heart

…- -…

every morning i send my heart out like a little white bird
to scout the torrid, vicious waters that entrap me.
all the day long she is gone from me, soaring somewhere
searching for a place to perch and preen
every night she returns to me:
disheveled, bruised, wings torn,
bleeding and empty-beaked.
i take the pitiful thing and let her rest in my arms
for i am her tree, her shelter, her home.
yet every morning, still, i send her out
hoping in discovery well worth the sacrifice
believing in more than being lost at sea.

My Lovely

You stand on my soul
a parch hummingbird
winged thing
flitting and dreaming
longing to drink deeply
of starry liquids fluorescent and mild
the ages yawn across your face
as you are reflected in mine.

Lazy Afternoon

on a day like today
when flesh both calls
and condemns
i just want to let you inside
the tiniest room in my house
and outstretched, there,
put you to rest
as, under your fingers,
we coalesce.

Dream Love

i stab at your dream self in my mind
hoping to make the memories wispy thin
as smoke
to clear the air of your haunting volitions
and gain sight of this ghostly present world
but yet
the primitive moans of this hideous place
thrust me back on my intentions and into your face.
you are the ends of me that i can’t replace.

Poetry Robs My Soul of Its Meaning

i took a small seed into the palm of my hand,
with a shelling knife i tediously labored
trying to pry it open; looking for the treasure within.
when the firm, crisp shell finally gave way under my hands
i looked inside to find
it was empty.


petite electric bottles stick their pudgy noses towards me
cooing and cawing in deeply nostalgic tones
as they raise their tiny plastic arms
beckoning me to come to them, quickly, and drink:
one to take away the pain
three to take away the tears
five to take away my mind, my breath, my life, my everything.
come here, by us, and lay it all down
it won’t hurt
you can be in control
you won’t ever hurt again
petite electric bottles, i can’t fight you anymore
so i lay me down to sleep, instead;
i lay me down to sleep.

I am No Butterfly

Six frail legs taste the tender tendrils-
the locks i love on my true love’s head.
She smiles at me while i capture the moment
trapped via light and pixels in my magic machine.
The winged thing flutters off over her head
in massive shudders of blue and gold.
The one i love slides her eyes up towards it
gently sending it her frail goodbyes.
i long to take her hand and taste her sunlight face
but i, i am no butterfly.

New Moon, Old Heart

There is a new moon rising
over the circumference of my soul
palpitating with desire
as much of yours as of my own
it bubbles with whispers
of love so clandestinely pure
it grabs you by the earstrings
and commands to give it more.

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