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slices of soul
dripping with succulent nectar
as the juices of my heart
dribble down your chin



are the demon howl
of my soul

Pose and Repose

defenses wrecked
from years of scraping
my soul through sieves

scoop it into your hands
and sift
the screaming from the laughter

Suitor to Queen of Hearts

follow me.

i need some hearts to break.
feast on my discontented echolalia
take a swig of the vinyl
to drown out the noise.

fall in love with me


A bubble.


here is my heart
the stretched
bloated bubble


and here is the pin
gleaming, glinting



lemonade stand days
to boy band phase
that girl flutters her lashes
and then she’s gone
through the promĀ up-dos
to her first I-dos
your girl flutters her lashes
until she’s gone
whether death do us part
or she takes out your heart
that girl flutters her lashes
and then she’s gone

but i was always here
in my rawest impression
i was cradled by fear
guarding my sweet confession
wrapped up in waves of the dearest depression
when you flutter your lashes
or i take out my heart
(as it crumbles apart)
i was courted by fear
(so if you ever draw near)
and i am already gone
you just remember this song

Lover Be Gone

part for the course
when you’re breaking that horse
in you dream of divorce
and then steadily blink
away two thousand years
of the crying, the sighing
the screaming and fears
and it’s less than you think
but it’s more than he hears
when it’s part of the course
and it stings like a curse
but you know you’ve had worse
and there isn’t a church
that can heal all this aching
the cold of heart breaking
but you know you’ve had worse
and it’s less than you think
when you’re breaking that horse
it’s just part for the course.

Prettier than Pink

he follows her footsteps
head bowed, silent.
she stares straight ahead,
does not slack
click, click, click

heels give her height
and height gives her power.

he glides into her rhythm
tips up his chin,
“will you at least look at me?”
he cries in a plaintive voice,
almost sweet.

“No,” she replies
cool, determined.

He stops abruptly,
mouth agape,
system too shocked,
too riddled with brutal rejection
to respond any longer.

She doesn’t even wince
as she continues the trail,
mutters under her breath,
“I walk alone.”

Point and Laugh at the Hipster, Please

French Fries Monster

Image by Kevin Labianco via Flickr

i almost fell in love
with a man who hates potatoes

he dumped me for a girl
who lives off french fries

apparently i’m so indie
i didn’t know what indie was
now i finally have a group,

not sure i want to belong

but that’s what makes me indie
in the first place, right?
that and a healthy appetite

(for potatoes)

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