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Thank You

without your silence
i would not be
the beautiful outcast
i’ve become


Untitled 104

recycles its soul
to the future

the future
sheds daily
its broken past


are the demon howl
of my soul

Symphony Magical Mystery Tour

English: Brendan Townsend conducting the Lared...

an elder wand with a resin core
sprouting musical moments from tip to bore
the magic of stardust becomes still at a glance
then heightens the conquest, encores to advance

Wisdom Says

The less I speak
The more you listen

A Couple of Meditations

folding you into my thoughts is a luxury
smooth skin on freshly laid linen

Suitor to Queen of Hearts

follow me.

i need some hearts to break.
feast on my discontented echolalia
take a swig of the vinyl
to drown out the noise.

fall in love with me

You’ll Never Reach Her

Star Trails Northern Hemisphere

I dip my hands into oblivion,
and find myself clasping stars

You Can

squeeze one more line out of me


for illusion
a perceptive break
from background
a question
in colors
and type


there was no telling
like the leftovers
from a dream
it could be real
or all puff
but she preferred to keep the clouds

a likely story

perhaps i take my leave from you
all too often
but it is always only
for the best reasons

Inner Rebellion

loneliness is an anchor
to uncharted depths


we will dust off your covers
and sneeze in your life

just so you know

when i could not crawl anymore
i picked myself up
and ran

Here is the Key

doors so long shut
i’d forgotten they could open

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