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Wisdom Says

The less I speak
The more you listen


An Elder’s Story

what we find
depends on what we seek
and how we seek it

The Role of a Writer

For Katie

you are not built like a barbie doll
thin-legged, glassy stare, perfectly pink lips
real women are fluid, not stiff mis-creations
we are soft, pliable, motherly, strong
embrace the form you were given
and accept nothing less
when the howling he-wolves turn to you
you deserve better
you deserve better than this
embrace the form you were given
and as your mind grows, blossoms
challenged by the words, shapes, numbers
we shove into your eyes
remember, to fight is wisdom
to rise above the glassy stare, anorexic hips
is the glorious form you were given
so accept nothing less

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