Catch Some Wide Eye


It is a pleasure to burn. Flames tug at the edges of the sky with their slithering, vibrant arms. The heat is just high enough to decimate the Audi owner’s corpse without rendering it unrecognizable. Jacob, now putting some distance between himself and the auburn glow, is a firm believer in leaving the foe just enough evidence to chew on.

By now, Sonia’s a precinct away, being tagged and branded as the culprit in a petty theft investigation. It was the aspect of their mission that had been the most difficult for him to abide, but WOTAH had firm regulations that she had inexcusably broken.

For a moment, the night air had rendered her unbearably lovely in his eyes, and he had been ill at ease when they initially located the target of her subtly suicidal mission. But something snake-like in her eyes had settled his resolve. It was not something in the biblical serpentine sense but an entity more closely related to the ouroboros, constantly consuming her own vigor to give rise to the next reincarnation.


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